United Worship

Location: John Brown University

2000 W University St, Siloam Springs, AR 72761



10th United Worship summer camp “Registration” opens from April 8, 2019 for all youth students, youth pastors, and shepherd/security. To register, please go to this registration page.

The two deadlines for registration are June 24th and July 8th for discounted prices. Any registrations submitted after July 8th will have to pay a higher price (Please, check out registration fee).

Further Information

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UW Pre-Camp for Shepherd/Security

United Worship Pre-Camp on July 21(Mon)

UW pre-camp is only available for shepherds and security. For community fellowship, we gather to worship and have fellowship together on the day before the camp starts (July 21, Mon). When shepherds and security register through online, the further information will be given.


Our Main Speaker

Joseph Kim portrait-book cover1.jpg

Joseph carl kim, ed.d

Dr. Joseph Kim was born in 1961 in Suwon, Korea. Joseph grew up as a TCK (third culture kid), having to deal with the ridicule and alienation by other Korean children for being an “Amer-asian” with western features in a homogeneous Asian community. However, his childhood trauma was turned into a refining fire, as Joseph was able to merge the conflicting languages and cultures into his own unique identity. His early childhood pain of being teased and ridiculed, allowed Joseph to develop a special sensitivity towards outcasts and misfits of society. His assimilation of bicultural and bilingual identity has helped Joseph to become a champion for multi-cultural reconciliation and understanding.

Following 12 years of Korean public school education in local Korean schools in Suwon, Joseph graduated from Tennessee Temple University and received his Master’s and Ed. D. Degrees from Trinity International University. In 1992, Joseph was commissioned build an innovative, state-of-the-art school facility in Suwon. In 1994, Central Christian Academy (CCA) opened its doors to 1200 students and instantly became a pace-setter institution for Korea schools.

Joseph and his wife, Enny, has four children, and they currently live in Suwon, Korea. As a pastor of Wonchon Church and the headmaster of CCA, he is passionate about making the next generation of disciples through church and Christian education.


Camp Schedule