United Worship

General Information 


Registration starts at 2pm (Central Time). Orientation will approximately start at 4pm, July 23(Tue). United Worship camp will end be before or at approximately 12pm, July 26(Fri).


Yes. JBU, AR is following Central Time.

Are you setting up rides for united worship camp?

No. Please ask your friends or other local churches who may be attending UW camp for a ride.


When is my registration considered complete?

Full payment and completed online registration forms.
$160 submitted by 6/24 (Mon)
$190 submitted by 7/8 (Mon)
$250 submitted after 7/8 (Mon)

If your registration is not considered complete, you will be obligated to pay the next deadline fee. If you register and do not pay before you come to UW your registration is incomplete and you will be obligated to pay the walk-in fee ($250).

If I can't go, will I be refunded? 

If you contact us before 7/8 (Mon), you can be refunded for half the amount in other cases. Other than that, NO REFUNDS.

If I can't go, can someone else take my place? 

NO replacements.

Are walk-ons allowed? 

Because of administration issues, we do NOT encourage walk-ins. Once registration is closed (7/23), under extenuating circumstances we will accept walk-ins for a fee of $250. No exceptions.



Credit card

You can pay through online registration, but credit card payments will have a 2.99% processing fee, which is charged by your credit card company, and a $0.99 processing fee per registrant.


Find us “uwcamp2019” in Venmo. When your payment is made, please write a memo for your name, school, church, and grade.


Only available for CHURCH groups:

1) Make a SINGLE check payment
2) Make the check payable to: United Worship
3) Send it to the address: “4109 Ferguson Dr. #210 Fort Worth, TX 76115

*If your check is sent after the postmark of the deadline, you will need to pay the next deadline fee*

Camp Guidance 

What should I bring to United Worship?

- Bible and pencil/pen
- Towel, toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothbrush, etc.)
- Sleeping bag, pillow
- Extra clothing for 4 days and 3 nights. There will be times when you are outside so please bring extra clothing.
- PLEASE, bring a reusable water bottle or extra water bottles for hydration to fill up at the water fountains so you can stay hydrated throughout the day.

Can I bring my phone or other electronics?

We request that you leave all electronics at home or with your pastor/teacher.
We are not responsible for lost/stolen items.
Students are not permitted to possess or use their cell phones during Camp. If an emergency should arise, each shepherd will have their phones to make emergency calls.

Do I need to bring any money?

Yes, if you are wanting to purchase any United Worship merchandise (ex. sweatshirt). 


If you get sick or hurt, what will happen?

There is a nurse on site who will take all the necessary actions to take care of you. Please read Camp Policies for further information. 


If you still have further questions, please feel free to contact us!

Youth Pastor

Who can register to be a Youth Pastor? 

Only those who have spiritual authority over students: youth pastors, education directors and main youth teachers. Due to the large number of students and lack of shepherds and security, we ask that those who can apply to be shepherds or security.

Can I bring my spouse/children?

Yes, we encourage you to bring your spouse. Unfortunately, there will not be childcare provided but you are welcome to bring your children and family members.

How do I register my students?

How to register your church using the UW website:
Youth pastors and your church students have to register INDIVIDUALLY through registration. The core leadership team will contact you with updating registration roster and giving further instructions for payment, camp information, and etc.