Eunbi Grace Choi

My name is Eunbi Grace Choi, and I have served United Worship as a shepherd and as part of the Admin team. While I was born in Korea, Dallas is home. I grew up in Dallas, and I love this city. I received my BA in Art History at Southern Methodist University and a ThM at Dallas Theological Seminary. Currently I attend Logos Baptist Church and help out in the Children’s ministry of our EM ministry, Rhema. I also work in the mortgage servicing industry as an analyst. 

Women of the Bible (Recommended to 9-10th gRADE)

As we grow in age and wisdom, the Sunday school version or the “PG” version of well-known Bible stories, need to be revisited. Following closely to the book “Vindicating the Vixens,” this seminar will focus on some of the key women (Tamar, Rahab, Bathsheba - just to name a few) in the Bible who have gained unfair notorious reputations. 

Stephen Beers

Dr. Beers has been with John Brown University as the Vice President for Student Development since 1998. His educational background is in counseling and biblical studies and his professional background is in higher education.  He brings his combination of educational and professional experiences to graduate classes such as The College Student: Issues and TrendsAdministrative Leadership in Higher Education and Program Development and Implementation.

Student Anxiety: What is happening and what might we do about it

 The national news is full of reports concerning the rise of student anxiety.  This session will discuss the most common ideas on why this is happening and will look at some simple things we can start doing in our own lives to reduce our own anxious thoughts. 


Joseph Lee

Joseph is a youth and young adults pastor at Reunion Church in downtown Dallas, TX. He grew up in Daejeon, South Korea and moved to the states when he was sixteen. He graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary in 2017 with the Master of Theology degree. Joseph recently married and lives in Irving with his beautiful wife, Grace. His passion is to make disciples of all nations, cultures, ethnicities and generations and to provide a safe place to worship God for everyone regardless of age, race, culture and gender.

Church and Multiculturalism in America

Does your school look monocultural or multicultural? What about your church? What does God say that the church should look like in the Bible? In this seminar, we will be looking at what God has done to bring different people and nations together from the Bible and learn how we can specifically love our diverse friends and neighbors today. 


Ted Song

Dr. Ted J. Song joined John Brown University (JBU) in 2012 after receiving his Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Song grew up both in the U.S. and Korea, and he was an Army ROTC cadet during his undergraduate studies and served as an Air Defense Artillery Officer in the Republic of Korea Army from 2004 to 2006. He taught calculus at the University of Texas at Austin and received the 2012 Texas Exes Teaching Award and is the recipient of the 2018 JBU Faculty Excellence Award. Dr. Song and his wife, Michelle, live in Siloam Springs, AR, and have two daughters, Leanne and Erin. They are members at Siloam Springs Bible Church where Dr. Song leads College Ministry and serves as an elder. Dr. Song also writes monthly columns for a Korean-American newspaper (미주중앙일보) on Christian higher education.

what to expect in college (recommended to 11-12TH GRADE)

College is where boys and girls become men and women. How a student spends time in college will greatly impact the rest of his/her life, and it is critical to think about what is important or what is not important when making choices about college or major. The speaker has taught in college for more than ten years and will discuss some of the topics that parents and students need to consider before choosing a college. There also will be a time for questions and answers.

David Kim

David Kim is a graduate from Dallas Theological Seminary, and now studying doctorate degree at Southwestern Seminary. He is currently serving EM pastor at Logos Bible Baptist Church, and his EM congregation plans to launch a new EM church, tentatively called “Rhema Community,” in a soon time. He has been married to beautiful wife Han A for over 5 years, and have three kids, Enoch, Ezra, and Elizabeth who will be born in July.

Diaspora (Scattered)

Out fo 70 Billion, 7 Billion (about 10% of the entire world population) people are living as diaspora. Some of them are immigrants, some of them are international students, and some of them are refuges. Then, why does God scatter people? Is there any God’s design and destiny toward diaspora? The life of diaspora has its purpose, function, and reason under the perfect destiny of God. This seminar will investigate diaspora in God’s kairos and destiny.

Donglyul Lee

Pastor Dong-lyul Lee was called by God for the next generation. With his spouse Hye-ryeon Park, who majored in Christian education and pastoral studies, he devoted himself to the next generation according to God's calling. He and his wife are teaching and training their two daughters, Yelim and Minha, and building the kingdom of God in their home. He is also teaching the next generation in the local church. He is studying hard to establish biblical education against secular educations.

Christian Worldview: How to Live the World as the People of the Kingdom of God (Only PARENTS AND PASTORS)

This seminar highlights how to live in the world as a people of the Kingdom of God, focusing on Creation-Fall-Preservation-Restoration-Completion, the framework of Christian worldview. This seminar looks at how God's vision and plan for the world have continued throughout the Old and New Testament, and what they mean in our lives today. Through this, this seminar shares the thoughts on how to teach and guide the teenagers who are most concerned about the meaning and purpose of life.